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EDUPRIZE Kindergarten

The curriculum at EDUPRIZE focuses on the whole child. Every child is nurtured as we differentiate our program to meet their academic and social needs. Our remarkable language arts  program consists of a strong phonics-based language arts curriculum, thematic/science-based units (better known as Cottages), Lucy Calkins writing/language arts program, and application-based readers.

Students participate in research-based language acquisition strategies, which reinforce sub-skills in a whole to part fashion. Kindergarten students experience language with multiple modality applications including journaling, word walls, rhyme, and word building. Mathematics instruction includes Eureka Math, daily math applications through calendars, and C.G.I. methods (cognitive growth instruction). Students are allowed to demonstrate core concepts in mathematics through journals and job boards. Math strategies are taught in the younger grade levels where children not only practice daily math skills, but they put into their own words the problem solving methodologies and use concrete operations. Students use manipulatives to extend concepts from concrete applications to connective strategies and finally to abstract number concept. At EDUPRIZE, learning is fun because children are 100% engaged in hands-on learning.

Rhythm and music, art, technology instruction, and hands-on life science labs are also offered. Science is taught daily through our thematic units called Cottages and students apply their math and language arts through products and projects for their cottage focuses. Technology is also used daily to better meet the needs of every child and to challenge those top performers.


Community (Social Science)

Quarter 1 cottage is All About Me. We will focus on each child, their family and our community. Students learn how to work as a team, develop friendships, and work in small groups through our unique EDUPRIZE Labs and special projects such as Specially Kiddo. We will celebrate and share our first quarter learning with a Cottage Fair!

Celebrations (Social Science)

Quarter 2 cottage is Holiday Happenings! Special events such as the harvest, Thanksgiving, and Holidays Around the World are the focus. The quarter begins with celebrating all things Harvest! Our visit to the farm provides learning opportunities comparing things from long ago to the present. At Thanksgiving, our focus turns to the pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving. One of the most exciting adventures takes place at the end of the quarter. We will issue passports to the children and take off on adventures around the world where we will study holiday traditions and customs from various countries.

Habitats (Life Science)

Quarter 3 cottage is Habitats. The four main habitats that we focus on are the Antarctic, the ocean, the rainforest, and the desert. During this quarter, each child will be introduced to these very different habitats and learn what factors are important in finding the right environment for each living thing.

Cycles (Life Science)

Quarter 4 cottage is Life Cycles. Kindergartners will experience hands-on learning as we hatch eggs, observe caterpillars transform into butterflies, and see our seeds grow into plants. The children will create their own Life Cycles book. The year ends with a kindergarten celebration unlike any other. This celebration is a wonderful display of songs, poems, and activities reflective of the curriculum throughout the year.

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