5th & 6th Grade

The fifth and sixth-grade curriculum is rigorous and fully aligned to the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. EDUPRIZE provides a technology-rich environment for all its students.

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About us

The Arizona Standards require that students learn and apply complex, multi-step mathematical operations. Our Eureka math program in 5th grade and Carnegie math in 6th, are used to assist our learners to practice math concepts that are also applied through our cross curricular programs. EDUPRIZE offers daily direct instruction on focus skills and a completely differentiated curriculum in math and reading. The Benchmark Advance program we utilize in ELA is rich in literature and informational text that challenges our students to take their learning to new heights. Lucy Calkin’s materials are used to ensure the writing process is explicitly taught and supports reading acquisition and extensions. Students participate in daily progress monitoring and individualized instruction through our technology applications right within their classrooms to ensure student progress, and remediation or enrichment is provided as necessary.

Our approach

Fifth and Sixth grades have fascinating, science-based thematic Cottages. Each nine-week cottage is designed with hands-on activities and lessons to stimulate children’s interests in many different genres and allow students to solidify basic skills through application of all basic skills through their participation in the sciences

5th Grade Cottages

Students develop an understanding that changes can occur to matter/objects on Earth or in space, but both energy and matter follow the pattern of being conserved during those changes.

Students develop an understanding of patterns and how genetic information is passed from generation to generation and how genetic information  and environmental features impact the survival of an organism.

Students develop an understanding of how gravitational forces in space cause observable patterns due to the position of Earth, Sun, Moon, and stars.

Students understand the history of the United States including Historic and economic events, creation of U.S. Constitution, development of government, the influence of immigration, contributions of various ethnic groups, roles, and responsibilities as citizens.

6th Grade Cottages

Students develop an understanding of forces and energy and how energy can transfer from one object to another or be converted from one form to another.

Students develop an understanding of how energy from the Sun is transferred through ecosystems.

Students develop an understanding of the scale and properties of objects in the solar system and how forces (gravity) and energy cause observable patterns in the Sun-Earth-Moon system.

Students will understand the cultural, religious, economic, and political systems of selected societies in the Eastern Hemisphere.

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