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 I wanted to take a minute to tell you how thoroughly impressed I am with how the online learning has been managed by the Jr. High and High School. I am so impressed at how closely you have managed to model it to in person instruction. I feel like the kids aren't going to miss a beat and I am beyond relieved for that. I have had lots of discussions with other parents and all of us are super impressed. Thank you for your hard work in this truly impossible situation. I am glad to know EHS is in such good hands!

Thanks, EDUPRIZE Parent
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Awards and Recognitions

EDUPRIZE has received more awards and recognition than any other charter school in Arizona.

We are committed to excellence at EDUPRIZE through fostering the whole child to better meet the needs of all children. We want to ensure that each child reaches their full potential and feels the success from their contribution and interaction within the community.

Take a look through the awards and recognitions listed to the right. Simply scroll over each of them to learn more about what each award is, how it is earned, and why EDUPRIZE was awarded.

EDUPRIZE is the Only A+ charter school in AZ!

The A+ school of excellence distinction was awarded by the Arizona Educational Foundation. The A+ School of Excellence Program was created to:

– Identify exemplary public schools in Arizona
– Establish key criteria for school effectiveness that can serve as a foundation for self-assessment and planning in schools
– Enable the collaboration of best practices within and between schools based on a common criteria related to achievement
– EDUPRIZE is honored to be the only charter school in the state of Arizona to receive the A+ recognition which it has received three times!

Congratulations Eagles!

Why it is so unique to be A+ acknowledged as a charter?

– Charter schools in general do not require teachers to be certified
– Charters in general do not have certified administrators
– Charter in general do not have certified, master curriculum directors
– Charters often do not have certified special education staff, registered nurses, etc.

Phoenix Magazine’s “Best Schools” edition, “The Valley’s Top Public, Private & Charter Schools” were evaluated. EDUPRIZE was recognized as the Best Science School. EDUPRIZE was spotlighted for their “hands-on” approach to teaching science through STEM-based thematic units. When students come to EDUPRIZE they become paleontologists, botanists, meteorologists, etc. as science comes alive through exploration of the live learning labs. EDUPRIZE was noted as the “Disneyland of education.”

“Cottages” are an EDUPRIZE original. These quarterly, thematic focuses allow students to learn and apply basic skills through a hands-on, science-based program.  Cross curricular instruction ensures that students can transfer knowledge to new and applied content areas and allow students to be actively engaged in their learning.  Our “Cottages” offer multiple modality, 9 week units in a Life Science, Physical Science, Social Science, and Earth Science.

Click HERE to learn more about EDUPRIZE’S science program.


Advance Ed Accreditation is awarded to schools that are following a rigorous set of educational standards.  The accreditation process examines the school’s programs, culture, and the community stakeholders.  The entire school is evaluated to determine how well the parts work together to meet the needs of all students.

Accreditation is a significant achievement pronouncing an institution’s quality of education. EDUPRIZE is proud to announce that they are fully accredited by the Advanced ED (NCA/CASI).

EDUPRIZE has received more awards and recognition than any other charter school in Arizona, but what we are most proud of is our amazing teachers!

We are committed to excellence at EDUPRIZE through fostering the whole child to better meet the needs of all children.  We work to ensure that each child reaches their full potential and feels the success from their contribution and interaction within the community.  EDUPRIZE teachers are certified and a large number have received the title of “Master Teacher.”  This distinction requires at least 5 years of experience, a significant documentable contribution to education, continuous professional growth, leadership, and Board appointment.

In July of 1995, EDUPRIZE became the first charter school to open its doors to students in Arizona and the first charter school to operate as its own independent school district in the United States. Dr. Lynn Robershotte and JoAnna Curtis put their 30+ years of classroom experience and the best of educational research into effect when designing EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS. JoAnna Curtis was noted as a master teacher in Mesa Public Schools and has special expertise in the writing process. Dr. Lynn Robershotte has special expertise in science, along with a Masters in Administration and a PhD. in Educational Technology and Instructional Design. Her research in retrieval, retention, and cueing systems has served as the backbone for the EDUPRIZE method.  Her ability to design exciting science curriculum is complimented by our own Curriculum Directors.

EDUPRIZE is unique in that its campuses have curriculum coaches to assist teachers to meet the needs of all children and implement the best research-based methodologies.

EDUPRIZE is rated an “A” label school as determined by the letter grade system established by the Arizona Department of Education.

Since 2010, all schools in Arizona are measured with the A-F Grade Accountability System by the Department of Education.  This is done to hold schools accountable in a fair and systematic fashion. Each school is equally evaluated both on AzMERIT performance (50 percent) and how much students grow academically from one year to the next (50 percent).  Academic growth is determined by comparing the change in AzMERIT test scores from one year to the next for similarly achieving students across the state. This is done to evaluate how well a school is growing its students academically as they advance from one grade to the next. Other factors such as AzMERIT improvement, dropout rate, graduation rate, and English language learner proficiency rates are taken into consideration, when applicable.

EDUPRIZE has consistently achieved one of the highest student growth rates in the state of Arizona and has been rated an “A” letter grade since the inception of this accountability system. “A” schools demonstrate an excellent level of performance!

In addition to receiving acclaim for our A-rated schools, EDUPRIZE has been continuously acknowledged by the Arizona Department of Education, and at the national level, for its unmatched growth scores.  What this means is that EDUPRIZE, through its differentiated instruction, increases student performance on state measures and more importantly ensures that gifted students to at-risk students grow at their full potential.

A+ School of Excellence

Best Science School

Advanced Ed (NCA/CASI) Accredited

Teacher Credentials

“A” Label School

Gilbert Tours

Gilbert Tour (Pre-K through 12th Grade)

Come find out why kids love EDUPRIZE and why parents love the education they receive! Our next program tour is Monday, June 7th, 2021 at 5:00 pm (Building 3 –Theater). For more information and to sign up, see our Gilbert Tours page.

Queen Creek Tours

Queen Creek Tour – Every Wednesday

Come see why EDUPRIZE is the best school in Queen Creek. We have daytime tours every Wednesday starting at 9 a.m.

For more info, see the Queen Creek Tours page.

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The EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS mission is to provide educational excellence to our community of learners through the use of project-based, multiple modality instruction, and a strong differentiated curriculum. Students will exceed grade level standards and grow to be global citizens in an academically rigorous environment where both leadership and collaboration are stressed. Students will acquire depth of knowledge and problem-solving skills through our interdisciplinary, thematic approach to applied learning. Students will excel in Arts, and expand their minds through the use of innovative technologies and our science-based instruction. Through our Socratic method and 100% engagement, students will become effective communicators and leaders empowered to establish a sense of community, service to others, and a love of learning.

EDUPRIZE Teacher Salary Budget Summary
Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2022 $51,538
Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2021 $51,008
Increase in average teacher salary from prior year 2020 $49,488
Average salary of all teachers employed in budget year 2019 $48,760
Average salary of all teachers employed in prior year 2018 $43,483
Increase in average teacher salary from prior year 2018 to 2022 $8,055
Percentage increase 18.5*%
* Increase of approximately 25% for average continuing staff. Variance due to new hires for retirees.
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