Queen Creek Campus

We are the only A+ Excelling Charter School in Pinal county.

Our EDUPRIZE Queen Creek campus is located in the beautiful San Tan Mountains just off Hunt Highway and Thompson Rd. Our 10 acre facility houses two gymnasiums, media center, band and music rooms, multiple science laboratories, and six technology labs. Children in grades K-8 are offered our award winning science-based curriculum, which requires students to not just learn basic skills in isolation, but to apply them to real-world content. Parents drive up to 30 miles each day to bring their children to this extraordinary school of choice.

EDUPRIZE Queen Creek is one of a few “A” rated schools and the only A+ rated charter school in Pinal County. EDUPRIZE Gilbert is the only 5 time A+ rated charter school in all of Maricopa County and these two amazing campuses are unparalleled in the state. No schools have the growth scores that our students have – year after year.  We invite you to learn more about our extraordinary method and programs and  why we are called, “The Disneyland of Education.”

4567 W Roberts Rd
San Tan Valley, AZ 85142

Enrollment: 480-888-1610 ext. 1106
General information: 480-888-1610
General fax: 480-888-1655
Records fax: 480-457-1701

Program flexibility to meet your needs

The key to the EDUPRIZE model’s success is that everything we do is for the child. We offer a variety of program options to best meet the family and child’s needs, but all contain our proven curriculum imparted by passionate, highly qualified, certified teachers.

Our regular school day option (K-8) offers a well-balanced daily schedule that begins at approximately 8:00 AM and ends between 2:30 – 3:15 PM depending on the grade level.  Our approach includes our extraordinary core curriculum combined with a weekly rotation where students experience a variety of elective classes taught by our highly effective specialist team. The program also includes a lunch period and recess/brain breaks to provide our students with continuous opportunities to build essential social-emotional skills throughout their day.

Start and End Times:

Grade LevelsM – ThF
Regular Day 1st8:00 – 2:308:00 – 11:15
Regular Day 2nd8:00 – 2:308:00 – 11:15
Regular Day 3rd8:00 – 2:408:00 – 11:25
Regular Day 4th8:00 – 2:408:00 – 11:25
Regular Day 5th7:45 – 3:007:45 – 11:35
Regular Day 6th7:45 – 3:157:45 – 11:45
Regular Day 7th7:30 – 2:507:30 – 12:30
Regular Day 8th7:30 – 2:507:30 – 12:30

TOPS stands for Technology Optimized Program & Schedules. This is an amazing option for busy parents and students who have music, sports and family-filled days. Our AM TOPS program begins early and students are home for lunch daily. This has been a choice for so many families with food allergies and has allowed students to complete homework and other activities and still be home for dinners and family time each evening. PM TOPS is perfect for families who work late and need more time In the morning to get to school. This also provides quality morning, study, reading and homework time before school daily. With the 3:40 PM release time students are able to participate in afterschool sports and other activities.

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Start and End Times:

TOPSM-FEarly Release
AM TOPS 1st – 6th7:15 – 12:157:15 – 12:15
PM TOPS 1st – 6th10:40 – 3:4010:40 – 1:40


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Start and End Times:

TOPSM-FEarly Release
AM TOPS K7:15 – 12:107:15 – 12:10
PM TOPS K10:40 – 3:3010:40 – 1:25

Pre-Kindergarten at EDUPRIZE will introduce your child to all the fun that school can be!  Children will acquire a love of learning in a nurturing environment that will teach them how to become successful students.  This program is taught by a highly-qualified, Arizona Department of Education-certified teacher and an instructional aide.  The teacher is certified in Early Childhood Education and has been chosen for this program because of her love and understanding of young children.

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Start and End Times:

Pre KM-ThFEarly Release
AM Pre K7:40 – 11:107:40 – 11:107:40 – 10:20
PM Pre K12:15 – 3:4512:15 – 3:4511:00 – 1:40
2022 – 2023 Start and End Times:
Pre KM-ThFEarly Release
AM Pre K7:30 – 11:007:30 – 11:007:40 – 10:20
PM Pre K12:00 – 3:3012:00 – 3:3011:00 – 1:40

Life as an EDUPRIZE Eagle

Extracurricular activities offered at EDUPRIZE Queen Creek

Before and after school music programs include our sectionals, band, musical theatre, etc. Our sports program offers competitive leagues in soccer, flag football, cross country, basketball, and cheer.

 We offer a number of other clubs and activities that are highlighted in our weekly newsletters.  Come see our beautiful facility and you will “feel” the difference with our happy students actively engaged and applying core curriculum through our project based program.

Meet Our Leadership Team


Bryce Solberg

I am excited to return as Principal for the sixth year. We have an amazing thing going on here at EDUPRIZE and it is due to the amazing teachers and staff that we have. Last year was not a typical learning experience for many students, so our goal is to ensure this year is as routine as possible. Thank you all for your patience, understanding, and support as we begin the 2021-2022 school year.

Dean of Students

Nicholas Bacon

I am happy to begin my new role as the dean of students and athletic director in the 2021-2022 school year. I look forward to building on the amazing things done at EDUPRIZE by my predecessor and the rest of the incredible staff. Our theme for the school year is We>Me. I hope to be a living example of that as I work to enrich the lives of all the children here at EDUPRIZE Queen Creek.

Interested in enrollment?

We are so excited that you are considering EDUPRIZE for your child, where you will discover Excellence in Education! Please complete the form below and the Enrollment department will contact you with more information.