3rd & 4th Grade

The third and fourth grade programs contain the rigor of the AZ College and Career Ready Standards across the curriculum. Students in mathematics participate in Eureka Math, which is a manipulative-based instruction to ensure that basic skills are solidified, practiced, and applied and that concepts are further expressed through our “Number Talk” training. When students are able to verbally express the steps and reasoning behind computation, they are able to transfer mathematics skills across curriculum. Students learn not only the process of mathematics but why and when varying strategies are engaged. EDUPRIZE mathematicians are true problem solvers.

Our approach

The Benchmark Advance language arts program at EDUPRIZE features vertically aligned units that empower students to engage with a topic and build skills within and across grade levels. Writing skills are developed through the Lucy Calkins’ units of study across all elementary grades. Writers Workshop and the 6 traits of writing offer opportunities for our students to write across the curriculum. Each child is pretested and our teachers actively differentiate within the curriculum to best meet the diverse needs of our learners. Our benchmark testing keeps parents and teachers informed as to student progress and is used prescriptively to direct student instruction.

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About us

Eureka Math, math fact timings, and computer-based diagnostics are used to benchmark and instruct large and breakout groups, depending on student need. Strategies are taught and used wherein students put into their own words the numeric operation and processes they are computing.

Students are provided a technology-rich learning environment at EDUPRIZE. Our students become competent in the use of Chromebooks, desktop applications, and iPads in select programs. Our science-based cottages focus on a different type of science every quarter through our innovative, standards-aligned curriculum. Students apply basic skills in language arts, math, social studies, and the arts through the creation of projects and products which are displayed and shared at each quarterly Cottage Fair. 

3rd Grade Cottages

Students develop an understanding of the sources, properties, and characteristics of energy along with the relationship between energy transfer and the human body.

Students develop an understanding of the flow of energy in a system beginning with the Sun to and among organisms. They also understand what plants and animals do to increase survival.

Students develop an understanding of how the Sun provides light and energy for Earth systems.

Students will study Arizona focusing on: contributions of various cultural/ethnic groups; economic, political, and geographic elements; structure of governments; roles of citizens of Arizona.

4th Grade Cottages

Students will learn how Earth’s resources can be transformed in energy and develop a better understanding of electricity and magnetism.

Students develop an understanding of the diversity of past and present organisms, factors impacting organism diversity, and evidence of change of organisms over time.

Students develop an understanding of Earth systems and how they interact with each other. They also understand how weather, climate, and humans can impact the environment.

Students will study the Americas theories and development, exploration and colonization, roles and responsibilities of members in a society.

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