Gifted Program



Gifted Program Frequently Asked Questions




  1. Who is your teacher?

On the Gilbert campus it’s Mrs. Nina

Gilbert Gifted Students Welcome Letter


On the Queen Creek Campus it’s Mrs. Anderson

QC Gifted Students Welcome Letter


  1.  What will the program be called?






  1. What grade levels will it serve?

3rd-8th grade

  1. How does it differ from honors (in 7th-8th grade)?

The honors track in junior high is more rigorous in terms of curriculum and this track is geared toward high achieving students. 


Gifted services target students’ advanced cognition/problem-solving skills and they receive specialized instruction in an area (or areas) in which they qualify – receive a score of at least 97% on the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT).  These 3 categories are verbal abilities, non-verbal abilities and quantitative skills. 

  1.  What kind of program is it?

It is a pull-out program run by a gifted teacher at each campus (Gilbert and Queen Creek).  Students will attend their regular class for most of the week and receive quick-paced differentiated learning opportunities involving depth and complexity.


The gifted teacher at each campus will provide services to gifted students to promote interaction with intellectual peers and support cognitive abilities.


The amount of time students spend in the gifted room will depend on which areas they qualify for.  We try to build the schedule to meet student needs AND to be the least disruptive as possible to their regular schedule.

  1. When do students test to qualify for the program?

We have a fall testing event in early August and a Spring testing event in May. 

  1. How does a child get nominated for the program? 

     Parents can nominate students in the fall (in July to test in August).

     Teachers and parents can nominate students in the spring (in April to test in May).

  1. Can I submit gifted scores for my child from another school?

Yes!  The results must have been completed within the last 3 years or your child will need to retest in the fall or spring.  You can send scores to

  1.  What test do we use to evaluate students for gifted services?        

The Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT)

  1.  What test batteries are included in the CogAT/in what areas can my child possibly qualify for gifted services?

     Verbal (flexibility, fluency and adaptability in reasoning with verbal materials and in solving verbal problems).

     Nonverbal (reasoning with geometric shapes and figures – inventing strategies for solving novel problems).

     Quantitative (quantitative reasoning skills, flexibility/fluency in working with quantitative symbols and numbers, etc.)

  1.  What are the costs involved?

There is no charge for the program itself. Parent nominated children must pay a testing fee of $20 via our Infinite Campus Portal (this is only available to be paid during the fall and spring nomination periods).

  1. When does the program begin?

The program will begin in early August each year.

  1.  How will we be notified of our child’s scores and if he/she qualifies for gifted services?

Approximately a week after testing, your child will bring home a bar graph report that shows their CogAT scores.  The scores will also be accompanied by a cover letter that explains whether or not your child meets the qualification criteria.

  1.  What are the qualification criteria?

Students must score in the 97th percentile or above in one or more subtests to qualify for our gifted program.  It is important to note that a percentile rank is NOT the same as a percent correct. 


Percentile ranks provide a comparison of your child’s performance to that of a national sample of students in the same grade ranking students on a scale of 1 to 99.

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