Technology Optimized Program & Schedules (TOPS)

Kindergarten – 6th Grade

EDUPRIZE offers the most extraordinary program that optimizes its technology and provides a one-to-one device to student ratio in the TOPS Program. Chromebooks, iPads, document cameras, Apple TV’s, and Smart Boards provide not only student instruction on all the devices, but allow for skills to be practiced by methodology that provides additional efficiency and facilitates assimilation of content for participatory students.

Positives of the program:

– Offers a 1 to 1 ratio of devices to students
– Provides additional technology opportunities
– Allows parents choice in participation
–  Allows more time for extracurricular activities and less stressed family evening time
–  Maintains our low student/teacher ratio
–  Staggered schedules facilitate pick up/drop off
–  Provides daily interaction between teacher and parent
– Better ability to differentiate for every child
– Increased time on task, attention, and motivation
– Increased long term retention and transfer of knowledge

The TOPS program includes the award winning EDUPRIZE curriculum, the same diverse and engaging daily specials, and the same instructional methodology as our excellent regular schedule in grades K – 6

In the TOPS program, the lunch period and one recess period is omitted from the highly interactive, innovative instructional day. Which allows students to complete their school day in 5 hours.  The combination of the EDUPRIZE curriculum and the iPad and Chromebook applications better ensure subskill mastery and hands-on differentiation in a most motivational modality. Research clearly shows that students who have the iPad infusion significantly improve time on task, attention to topic, and long term retention of skills.

Don’t miss this opportunity to provide greater family flexibility and time by enrolling in one of our TOPS classes. Our parents continually report that the benefits to this schedule allow them to have their child attend school when it fits best into the family lifestyle. It is especially helpful for children in multiple extracurricular programs. TOPS offers our same great curriculum with our finest teachers.


Mon-Fri 7:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.

Mon-Fri 10:40 a.m. – 3:40 p.m