Board Meeting Calendar

Upcoming Board Meetings

Thursday, September 14, 20231:00 PMGilbert
Thursday, October 12, 20231:00 PMQC
Thursday, November 9, 20231:00 PMGilbert
Thursday, December 7, 20231:00 PMQC
Thursday, January 11, 20241:00 PMGilbert
Thursday, February 8, 20241:00 PMQC
Thursday, March 7, 20241:00 PMGilbert
Thursday, April 11, 20241:00 PMQC
Thursday, May 9, 20241:00 PMGilbert

Disclosure Statement Postings will be located in the lobby of Building One and our website.

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EDUPRIZE Board Members:
Lynn Robershotte, Ph.D.  Arizona State University
Paul Robershotte  M.S. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), MBA Harvard University
Seth Klempner, New York University, Master of Business Administration; University of Pennsylvania, Master of Government Administration
Monika Calamita, J.D. Arizona State University
Carrie Larson, M.A., Arizona State University