Move On When Reading

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Arizona’s Move on When Reading policy is designed to provide students with evidence-based, effective reading instruction in kindergarten through third grade in order to position them for success as they progress through school, college, and career. The legislation in A.R.S §15-701 requirements for pupil promotion, A.R.S §15-704 accountability for student achievement in reading and A.R.S §15-211 early literacy instruction (revised by SB1572) explains the requirements for pupil promotion, early literacy instruction, and accountability for student achievement in reading. Arizona statute requires that third grade students meet the Move on When Reading cut score on the reading portion of the 3rd grade statewide exam. A student who fails to meet this score may be retained unless an exemption is met. More information on Move on When Reading can be found here:  MOWR State Website Parent partnership is critical with each child’s educational success. Recommended activities for student support at home are linked below.