Mission Statement

The EDUPRIZE mission is to provide educational excellence to our community of learners through the use of project-based, multiple modality instruction, and a strong differentiated curriculum. Students will exceed grade level standards and grow to be global citizens in an academically rigorous environment where both leadership and collaboration are stressed. Students will acquire depth of knowledge and problem-solving skills through our interdisciplinary, thematic approach to applied learning. Students will excel in the Arts, and expand their minds through the use of innovative technologies and our science-based instruction. Through our Socratic method and 100% engagement, students will become effective communicators and leaders empowered to establish a sense of community, service to others, and a love of learning.

  • We are the only seven-time awarded A+ School of Excellence charter school in Arizona as designated by AEF.
  • We have over 25 years of success and a commitment to excellence.
  • Our number one priority is the whole CHILD. We don’t just talk it- we walk it. We do everything within our power to help every child achieve academic success and their full potential.
  • We build character and citizenship in our community.
  • Our teachers are all highly qualified, master & certified teachers.
  • No schools have our student growth per year which is ensured through our differentiated program
  • YES!
  • Parents are asked to contribute to our LIFE Fund which allows their child to attend field trips throughout the year. This is a nominal, non-refundable fee and you can find out more about this on our ECA page.
  • Parents have lots of options for additional programs, including before/after school extended care, Clubs, Sports and Music ECA offerings, full-day Kindergarten, Pre-Kindergarten, and special electives in the upper grades. Non-refundable fees will apply to these programs of choice.
  • EDUPRIZE Gilbert offers Pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • EDUPRIZE Queen Creek offers Pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade.
  • EDUPRIZE Online Instruction offers Kindergarten through 12th grade.
  • Complete an application for each student. This can be done online or at any of our facilities.
  • Applications for Pre-Kindergarten & Kindergarten are accepted anytime and remain active through the end of the year your child starts Kindergarten. Families are contacted via email or phone for student placement based on the date order in which the application was received. Registration opportunities for Kindergarten begin in late Fall prior to the year your child starts school. Registration opportunities for Pre-Kindergarten begin in March/April of the year your child starts school. Children need to be five years old by 9/1 to be considered for Kindergarten enrollment. If your child will not be 5 by this date and you would like to request special consideration for Early Enrollment, please contact the school to which you are applying for more information and current fee schedules. For Pre-Kindergarten, your child must be 4 by 9/1 and be fully potty trained.
  • Applications for grades 1 – 12 (Gilbert) and grades 1 – 8 (Queen Creek) are available and accepted year round. In March, it will be determined how many classrooms will be offered at each level and what number of openings will exist for the upcoming school year. Applications will then be selected by lottery to fill those positions. Those families are contacted by email or telephone until all of the projected openings are filled. This system is repeated throughout the remainder of the school year as we are notified of additional openings. All students must be present on the first day of classes in order to maintain enrollment at EDUPRIZE. Families who have been informed that they are on our “on deck” list will be enrolled as soon as space permits, which may include the first day of school. Any applications that have not been selected for placement prior to the end of the school year may become inactive. To ensure that your child will continue in our active lottery, a new application should be filled out each year if the student is not placed. Please verify the school year for which you are applying at the top of the application to ensure that your child is considered for proper placement.
  • Yes, the Gilbert campus offers full-day Kindergarten at no cost. Please call the school to which you are applying for more details.
  • Each student will rotate through our amazing Specials on a multi-day schedule. Our specials are offered to our students as units of study for the period of about a week to ensure that students have a real instructional impact in that area of study. Each Special is taught by a highly trained Specialist. Our Specials include: Physical Education, Science Lab, Music, Technology Lab, Live Learning Lab, Art (for TOPS students) and Media Center (for TOPS students).
  • TOPS stands for Technology Optimized Program and Schedules. This program is a 5 hour, interruption-free schedule that includes the same curriculum, the same specials, and the same core instructional time as our excellent regular schedule.
  • Positives of the program: Maintains our low student/teacher ratio. Maintains our excellent Specials.
    Allows parent’s choice in participation. Allows more time for extracurricular activities and less stressed family evening time. Provides more direct daily contact with teachers.
  • Sessions:
    • 1st – 6th Grades
      • AM TOPS – Technology:
        Mon-Fri 7:15 a.m. – 12:15 p.m.
      • PM TOPS – Technology:
        Mon-Fri 10:40 a.m. – 3:40 p.m.
    • Kindergarten (Gilbert Campus)
  • For more information, please see our TOPS page.
  • YES! Parents have the opportunity to assist in the classroom or help out through projects that can be sent home. Parents are encouraged to participate in our Parent Teacher Network, our Art Masterpiece program, help chaperone Field Trips, or plan classroom Celebrations. Parents agreed through our school-parent compact to volunteer up to 80 hours per school year. All visitors on campus are required to present picture ID that will be left with our front desk staff until their departure from campus.
  1. Closed Campus: Students arrive and are required to remain on campus throughout the day.
  2. Gates: Daily, students will enter through designated gates to school. An
    EDUPRIZE aide will always be present at an open gate. Parents or visitors are not allowed under any circumstances to enter the student gates. Parents and visitors must enter through the main entrance. Staff may enter the gates as long as proper identification is provided and visible.
  3. Aides: Our friendly EDUPRIZE aide-staff proudly wear EDUPRIZE red or pink shirts so they are easy to identify. Our aides monitor recess, lunchtime, carpool, and various other on-campus events. Please thank them often for the love and care they offer our children!
  4. Fire Drills: Each school year we hold both scheduled and impromptu fire drills. Teachers and staff talk with students about the expected behavior during a drill and require quiet hallways. Teachers are expected to have an immediate count of their students and we practice these as if they were real emergencies so that should an event occur, our students will be well prepared.
  5. Lock-Down Drills: Lock down drills are also scheduled and impromptu. These drills are done and monitored with speed, order, efficiency, and safety in mind. In the event of a real lock down or other emergency, parents will be contacted and kept apprised through our parent notification system. Please make sure we have your up-to-date email and cell phone numbers.
  6. Volunteers: Parent volunteers are welcomed and appreciated. All volunteers must enter through the main entrance and must leave their picture ID at the front desk. If a volunteer exits through a gate and needs to reenter, they will need to do so through the main entrance.
  • Please see our ECA page for forms and further information. We so appreciate your continued participation in this program.
  • Field experiences (LIFE Fund) are allowable expenses.  After-school sports, music programs, and clubs should be allowable expenses.
  • The ECA form is located online under Notifications.  A copy is required to be turned into any front desk.  You may also complete the form at any front desk.

All parents are encouraged to become members of Parent Teacher Network. They do incredible things for our students and need your help! Please find their contact information and link to their page from our Parents tab above. Please call the school for more information.

Gilbert PTN

Queen Creek PTN