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EDUPRIZE Science Education

EDUPRIZE was awarded “The Best Science School” by -Phoenix Magazine.  Our science-based and technology-infused cottages provide opportunities for children to apply mathematics, language arts and social studies in a hands-on, project based curriculum.

Students continually report that their favorite experiences in school are our “cottages.” This highly motivational program requires students to transfer sub-skills and create products and projects for community view at cottage fairs.

Students in grades K-6 attend science specials that enhance the cottage focus.  The scientific process is taught and applied through high powered microscopy, dissections and three-dimensional modeling.  Students practice the scientific process daily and participate in annual science fairs.  All EDUPRIZE students attend field experiences with examples such as U of A Science Center, Legoland Discovery Center, Kartchner Caverns, etc, depending on the child’s grade.  Our own projection dome provides a 360° experience in which students observe constellations, experience virtual hurricanes, walk with dinosaurs, etc. Sciences is at the heart of our programs K-12. EDUPRIZE students learn to be problem solvers and global citizens.

Live Learning Labs are an EDUPRIZE original and are a wonderful opportunity for students to learn science in the field, right on our very own campus.  Students use journals to make predictions, record observations, collect data, analyze information, and report results while participating in Reptile Ranch, Dinosaur Dig, Botanical Garden, Greenhouse, etc.  The Live Learning Labs add so much beauty, interactivity, and excitement to our campus.  Our labs are amazing, hands-on, one-of-a-kind environments, that allow students to participate in many specific applications!

The middle school science experience at EDUPRIZE is second to none. Here, students cultivate a love for the natural world around them with hands-on inquiry-based learning. Honors courses are available for both seventh and eighth grade students. In seventh grade, students study geology, astronomy, ecology, and botany. In eighth grade, students study life science with a focus in adaptations and genetics, physics, chemistry, and anatomy and physiology. With small class sizes and generous funding to the science department, students have an opportunity to complete many science investigations, including experiences that are not found at traditional middle schools. In ecology students create terr-aqua columns with living organisms, propel rockets in physics, and even complete mammalian dissections in anatomy and physiology. We regularly host guest presenters to enhance curriculum such as guest lecturers from ASU, presenters on rehabilitated birds from Liberty Wildlife, and genetics presentations from rescue organizations such as Amazing Aussies.

Our high school program offers 4 years of physical and life sciences. Honors Conceptual Physics, Chemistry, and Advanced Biologies are also offered. In addition to these core sciences, students are taught procedural safety, laboratory methodology, and scientific inquiry.

These opportunities would not be possible without the training and curriculum expertise of our science department, which boasts over fifty years of teaching experience and highly qualified secondary certifications such as biology, chemistry, general science, and S.T.E.M. These experiences not only enhance any child’s science education, but will prepare students for the rigorous science curriculum opportunities in our International Baccalaureate program. Fabulous field experiences allow students to participate in rafting and water sampling experiences.

Eduprize Science Program
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