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Why IB?

IB students are internationally aware, with open minds and open hearts. All IB students learn a second language, together with the skills to live and work with others both locally and internationally. But becoming a global citizen with a truly international perspective is not gained at the expense of their own language or culture. Indeed, we believe that the only way to appreciate another language or culture is to be confident first with your own.

Our programmes are not exam driven: results are important of course, but the best results are attained by allowing students to develop their learning and to engage in the curriculum. IB students are at the centre of our programmes. Students are taught to think for themselves and to drive the learning process. Teachers like that; students thrive on it.

Most of all, we see education as a way of life and living. The IB is about creating a community of learners and improving professionalism within that community. We want the IB culture to spread throughout the school, encouraging the caring, nurturing, altruistic qualities found in the learner profile.

Energized students and parents are eager ambassadors, too, with many endorsing the IB in the most telling way possible by ensuring that their own children become IB students.

Please take a moment to look at some of the latest data about IB students and their successes in college.