Welcome Back, Gilbert 7th – 12th Graders!

Welcome back, EDUPRIZE Eagles, to the 2022-2023 school year!

Greetings Eagles!

It’s hard to believe, but the first day of the 2022-2023 school year is only a few weeks away. We continue to be the foremost IB World School around with our small classes and excellent faculty. We are growing rapidly and are excited to bring on board new staff and courses this school year! Please check out the biographies to get to know them early.. 

Our Eagle Day will be on July 15th this year and while you can complete the payments and paperwork online, we are requesting that you come by in person to pick up your carpool lane assignment, student ID (required) and check out your chromebook for the year. Thank you for saving this important date!

We look forward to another great year in Eagle Country. I am looking forward to a great year!


Lisa Ginn

Click here for your teacher’s letter and supply list 


Teacher’s Contact Information:

Baptiste-Cerra  matthew.baptiste-cerra@eduprizeschools.net
Bernhardt  sarah.bernhardt@eduprizeschools.net
Brown, D  dylan.brown@eduprizeschools.net
Brown, T  troy.brown@eduprizeschools.net
Cameron  nicole.cameron@eduprizeschools.net
Carreon  steven.carreon@eduprizeschools.net
Falkengren  paige.falkengren@eduprizeschools.net
Forbes  anthony.forbes@eduprizeschools.net
Geiges  andrew.geiges@eduprizeschools.net
Glaser  jeremy.glaser@eduprizeschools.net
Glenn  jeffrey.glenn@eduprizeschools.net
Grunst  kaitlin.grunst@eduprizeschools.net
Hale  courtney.hale@eduprizeschools.net
Hollenbeck  kara.hollenbeck@eduprizeschools.net
Kramer  denise.kramer@eduprizeschools.net
Landrum  kelsey.landrum@eduprizeschools.net
Liffick  wei.liffick@eduprizeschools.net
Lizak  piper.lee-lizak@eduprizeschools.net
Lyons  che.lyons@eduprizeschools.net
Magana  cindy.magana@eduprizeschools.net
Mahoney  caitlin.mahoney@eduprizeschools.net
Malinowski  dave.malinowski@eduprizeschools.net
Marshall  tracy.marshall@eduprizeschools.net
McCain  hana.mccain@eduprizeschools.net
McMillan  rubin.mcmillan@eduprizeschools.net
Merkley  jaycie.merkley@eduprizeschools.net
Moffat  tina.moffat@eduprizeschools.net
Nestegard  nate.nestegard@eduprizeschools.net
Nguyen  jonathan.nguyen@eduprizeschools.net
Osborne  jill.osborne@eduprizeschools.net
Rasmussen  trent.rasmussen@eduprizeschools.net
Sanders  maria.sanders@eduprizeschools.net
Schollmeyer  barb.schollmeyer@eduprizeschools.net
Smith, A  amy.smith@eduprizeschools.net
Smith, K  kayley.smith@eduprizeschools.net
Spezzano  amanda.spezzano@eduprizeschools.net
Stalder  sara.stalder@eduprizeschools.net
Taysom  doug.taysom@eduprizeschools.net
Timmons dana.timmons@eduprizeschools.net
Toca  catherine.toca@eduprizeschools.net
Vargas  edgardo.vargas@eduprizeschools.net
Wheeler  darcy.wheeler@eduprizeschools.net