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Welcome to EDUPRIZE the only a plus north-central accredited excelling elementary school in the state of Arizona. EDUPRIZE is unlike any school, district or charter and is known for the engagement and individualization of its learners. The excitement of the hands-on programs and curriculum and the energy of its passionate and dedicated faculty which ignites students to excellence. EDUPRIZE was the first charter school to open in July of 1995 and while it offers the benefits a private school it is publicly funded and free to its kindergarten through eighth grade students. EDUPRIZE successes unparalleled with regard to student growth, diversity of learner rounded curriculum, achievement data and community-building.

Our parent teacher network was selected as the outstanding community service recipient for the entire nation for his outreach and support provided to less fortunate schools, children shelters and hospitals; while sponsoring programs like Pennies for Patients, the Leukemia Lymphocytic Society, Caps for the Cure, Jump Rope for Heart and more. Being a person of great character is taught and practiced through assisting others and through leadership and collaborative experiences. Our beautiful facilities, certified master teachers and science-based curriculum, lead to extraordinarily motivated learners and remarkable student performance. The EDUPRIZE hands-on methodologies allow students to use core curriculum in real world applications with a focus on higher order thinking an application of the scientific method with special emphasis in science, technology, economics and mathematics. Students participate in classroom cottage experiences which offer nine weeks a physical science, earth science, life science and social science. These thematic focus’ ensure that the state standards are taught and practiced not only with the assistance in the best series adoptions but are applied through best educational practices.

At EDUPRIZE each child is tested and the curriculum is then specifically adapted to the child children with special needs or exceptional abilities are then taught and challenged appropriately. Multiple assessments regular reporting and a variety of methods modalities and instructional groupings insure that every child achieves at least one year’s growth per year. The EDUPRIZE average well exceeds one year’s growth. Students participate in state-of-the-art science and technology labs along with our live learning labs that are located all across campus. Our live learning labs are an EDUPRIZE original where for example students become paleontologists, meteorologists, biologists and botanists. Experiences in our weather station, our plant nursery, hydroponic greenhouse, desert botanical garden, reptile ranch, mineral market or dinosaur dig provide students with opportunities and core content they will never forget. Our beautiful eight acre facility provides opportunities to develop the whole child were emphasis is placed on fitness, team building and setting and achieving personal goals. Complete with two gymnasiums, a media center, music rooms, technology labs and science labs our faculty and our facility are unlike any other. Fine arts are also time in a thematic cottages along with the art masterpiece program, band, general music and musical theatre. EDUPRIZE also offers a number of after-school an extended day programs.

EDUPRIZE as highly involved parents who volunteered eighty or more hours per year and who participate in a multitude of committees and activities. There’s been much to celebrate including excelling school ratings special individual student achievements and community recognition and honors such as been selected by Phoenix magazine as one of the top 10 schools and their own founder and superintendent selected as leader of the year for Arizona. We celebrate so many things our cottage fairs, live wax museum and so much more. We also celebrate our local partnerships with business and community leaders who regularly participate in our programs. Our focus of on and off-campus field experiences adds to the richness of our educational experience for all our students. EDUPRIZE has been a model for education in the K through eighth space for years and continues to set the bar with innovations like our iClassrooms, the TOPS program and continuous dedication to excellence. EDUPRIZE is truly making history through excellence and innovation.