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Gilbert Music

Music Education

EDUPRIZE students in grades 1-4 attend music specials that are fun, educational, and are complete with music history, hands-on instrumental instruction (recorders, ukuleles, guitar and general band instruments), a variety of songs and cultures, games and movement. The great works and their composers are also taught and experienced. With each quarter comes new and exciting lessons that include cultural dances, learning about and playing instruments (e.g. xylophones, metallophones, etc.), while learning to read, write, and produce music.

Elementary students in grades 5-6 choose to specialize in either choral, strings, or instrumental music and meet multiple times a week for instruction.

Parents are always welcome in the music room and classes often do short performances with their teacher at the end of their music rotation.  The music room is also bustling with activity on Cottage Fair nights with performances and even parent participation!

EDUPRIZE has a variety of music electives for grades 7-12 that include theatre arts, band, choir, strings, and guitar. Elective fees will apply.

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