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EDUPRIZE was awarded and acknowledged as “the innovative school” for its use of technology and applied sciences across its campuses.

EDUPRIZE is known for its state of the art technological infrastructure and programs, which provide for wireless and local area network applications.  Our facilities are complete with multiple instructional technology labs that each have a special program focus and educational opportunities.

Skills Lab allows students to use specific software to create student projects while learning technological applications.  Our “Cottage Labs” allow students to research their area of study and enhance their science-based instruction that is offered.

All classrooms are equipped with document cameras, interactive white boards, teacher lead iPad applications, desk top computers, and Chromebooks for small group instruction and differentiation.  TOPS classrooms grades KG-6 are outfitted with iPads for every child.  These TOPS programs have distinct additions to the curriculum to better ensure sub-skill mastery, differentiation opportunities, and hands-on project based access.

Blended learning begins in Kindergarten with classroom Chromebooks and reading extension software that tests the children’s comprehension. Within their classrooms, students in grades K-7 use Chromebooks for diagnostic testing, skill reinforcement, and differentiated lessons aligned to Arizona Career and College Ready Standards for reading and math.

Grades 8 – 12 use our technology centers for skill reinforcement, advanced research, and benchmark testing, which support all teacher-lead instruction.  Students also attend our Liberty Lab, an eighty workstation “All in One” computer lab for research, study hall, and diagnostic testing. Classroom sets of Chromebooks allow skills through all content areas, including mathematics, science, foreign language, social studies, and language arts.

EDUPRIZE has unique opportunities unlike any other school. Our projection dome provides a 360° experience in which students observe constellations, experience virtual hurricanes, Walk with Dinosaurs, etc.  This type of advanced educational technology is found across the campus.

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