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Required Plugins

Required Plugins

Some downloads, documentation, videos or content on this website may require the use of a plug-in. These Plug-Ins may require the Adobe Acrobat Viewer, Microsoft Compatibility Pack, Windows Media Player, QuickTime or an unzip program like StuffIt or WinZip.

If a different Plug-In is required it will be it will be noted on the page with a link to download it.

EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS is not responsible for downloads of suggested applications from an unofficial site. When possible, our site links directly to the official company site for such downloads. Although we offer suggestions and tips to aid our web visitors in this procedure, it is your responsibility to investigate the correct procedure for downloading, installing and using such software applications on your system. In addition, although our site may require such a download, any software licensing agreement you enter into is not transferable to our School District and is legally binding only between you and the licensing corporation.

Problems you encounter while downloading, installing and/or using these applications should be directed to the entity or company offering the product and not to the School District. If you do not wish to download necessary software applications to view our documents and forms, you may contact our and alternate arrangements will be made.