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Queen Creek Kindergarten

Kindergarten Students Needed!

At Eduprize, we understand that parents want the best education for their children. Eduprize is trying to help educate your child! If you’re in the Queen Creek area, sign your little apple up! We’re accepting applications for Eduprize Queen Creek’s 2017-18 Kindergarten classes.

Eduprize Kindergarten at Queen Creek

Using the form below, please fill out all of the information needed, and we’ll send you a Queen Creek Kindergarten application! Kindergarten is a time for your child to hone their abilities, and learn how to apply basic arithmetic to their lives. Eduprize’s Kindergarten teachers are of the utmost¬†echelon, and provide a unique and gratifying classroom experience to all the kids.

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Is My Child Right For Eduprize Queen Creek Kindergarten?


Any child is right. All children with an ability to learn, and a positive outlook on their surroundings – is prepared for Eduprize.

Come join our Queen Creek Kindergarten program now!

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