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Teacher Credentials

Teacher Credentials

EDUPRIZE has received more awards and recognition than any other charter school in Arizona, but what we are most proud of is our amazing teachers!

We are committed to excellence at EDUPRIZE through fostering the whole child to better meet the needs of all children.  We work to ensure that each child reaches their full potential and feels the success from their contribution and interaction within the community.  EDUPRIZE teachers are certified and a large number have received the title of “Master Teacher.”  This distinction requires at least 5 years of experience, a significant documentable contribution to education, continuous professional growth, leadership, and Board appointment.

In July of 1995, EDUPRIZE became the first charter school to open its doors to students in Arizona and the first charter school to operate as its own independent school district in the United States. Dr. Lynn Robershotte and JoAnna Curtis put their 30+ years of classroom experience and the best of educational research into effect when designing EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS. JoAnna Curtis was noted as a master teacher in Mesa Public Schools and has special expertise in the writing process. Dr. Lynn Robershotte has special expertise in science, along with a Masters in Administration and a PhD. in Educational Technology and Instructional Design. Her research in retrieval, retention, and cueing systems has served as the backbone for the EDUPRIZE method.  Her ability to design exciting science curriculum is complimented by our own Curriculum Directors.

EDUPRIZE is unique in that its campuses have curriculum coaches to assist teachers to meet the needs of all children and implement the best research-based methodologies.