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“A” Label School

“A” Label School

EDUPRIZE is rated an “A” label school as determined by the letter grade system established by the Arizona Department of Education.

Since 2010, all schools in Arizona are measured with the A-F Grade Accountability System by the Department of Education.  This is done to hold schools accountable in a fair and systematic fashion. Each school is equally evaluated both on AzMERIT performance (50 percent) and how much students grow academically from one year to the next (50 percent).  Academic growth is determined by comparing the change in AzMERIT test scores from one year to the next for similarly achieving students across the state. This is done to evaluate how well a school is growing its students academically as they advance from one grade to the next. Other factors such as AzMERIT improvement, dropout rate, graduation rate, and English language learner proficiency rates are taken into consideration, when applicable.

EDUPRIZE has consistently achieved one of the highest student growth rates in the state of Arizona and has been rated an “A” letter grade since the inception of this accountability system. “A” schools demonstrate an excellent level of performance!

In addition to receiving acclaim for our A-rated schools, EDUPRIZE has been continuously acknowledged by the Arizona Department of Education, and at the national level, for its unmatched growth scores.  What this means is that EDUPRIZE, through its differentiated instruction, increases student performance on state measures and more importantly ensures that gifted students to at-risk students grow at their full potential.