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Online Instruction

EDUPRIZE K-5 online students experience positive, supportive, and rigorous academic opportunities provided by a certified teacher in a dedicated virtual classroom. Each grade level has the same teacher for all academic content (in the same way they would in an on-campus environment), the students benefit from live and pre-recorded video instruction, all planned and provided by their teacher. Differentiation, a core value for EDUPRIZE, is provided via live interactive small groups and tutoring sessions.

The students have access to the same quality curricular resources as their on-campus peers, with digital texts and hard-copy consumables. They build and refine their reading and language skills through the use of the excellent standards-based Benchmark Advance reading curriculum. The lessons in Benchmark Advance are designed for differentiation, so the teacher is able to meet the needs of diverse learners within the same classroom. Lucy Calkins Units of Study is integrated throughout the language arts instruction in order to build the reading-writing connection. The teachers utilize a writer’s workshop format to allow students to brainstorm, write, edit, and share their work.

Our Eureka mathematics curriculum provides a hands-on approach that contributes to a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. The teacher presents lessons via direct instruction during virtual live lessons to the whole class and to small groups. Children are taught a variety of pictorial strategies to aid in problem solving. This is enhanced through math talks, journals, and real-world examples to maximize engagement and demonstrate the relevance of what they are learning.

EDUPRIZE provides science and social studies instruction via the presentation of thematic quarterly units called Cottages. Our online students enjoy the same Cottages as their on-campus peers. They engage in interactive lessons and conduct experiments to test hypotheses. At the end of every quarter, the students show off what they have learned in a virtual “Cottage Fair”. This is a highlight of every quarter and is always much anticipated by students and families alike.

 EDUPRIZE online students in grades 6-12 receive their academic instruction through the award-winning Edgenuity program, one of the leading online learning platforms in the country. Edgenuity provides a full range of middle and high school curricula, including a broad selection of elective courses. Core academic classes are aligned to state standards and provide all the credit opportunities required for graduation. The diversity of standards-aligned elective course offerings expands the classes available to our students, allowing them to build a learning program that aligns with their interests and post-secondary plans. The ability to customize the learning plan for each student dovetails perfectly with EDUPRIZE’s long-standing commitment to serve and challenge every student to excellence.

EDUPRIZE Online Students and Families, 

Summer Greetings! After the 2020-2021 school year, it was important to our school leaders that we continued to offer options to our families that were wanting to remain at home and still continue our longstanding history of academic success. We are excited to introduce you to our new online school in 2021-2022 and pleased to offer this program option to our EDUPRIZE Community to meet the needs of these families.  

As we continue to prepare details for our online school opening, we want to ask you to save a very important date for our online students.  On July 16th, 9-11 am, all EOI (EDUPRIZE On-line Instruction) students will be asked to come to our Gilbert campus for their beginning of year benchmark test and EOI orientation.  It is very important that both parent and student are present at the orientation to review the program expectations and meet teachers.  

I look forward to seeing you on the 16th!  Until then, enjoy the rest of your summer! 

EOI Administration


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EDUPRIZE Online Instruction

Q. Can I change from the on-line program to the in-person or vice versa?
A. We ask parents for a semester long commitment for their children in grades 4-12. In grades K-3 we ask for at least a quarter commitment to their chosen program. We must staff these positions and any change to student placement will be based on space available and student need.

Q. What technology does my child need to be successful in the on-line program?
A. You will need a computer or chromebook with camera and sound for each child enrolled and you are responsible to provide adequate connectivity for your child to participate.

Q. Are there set hours that my child will be on-line?
A. Yes! Check the website and grade level links for your child’s schedule of synchronous class meetings (instruction) and break out group sessions (small group intervention). Children must attend these daily and attendance will be taken.

Q. If my child is doing Edgenuity, can he/she work “ahead”?
A. Student progress will be closely monitored by each teacher and the program director. Students must complete certain content and minutes per course as a minimum (per their teachers’ directives) to be prepared for classroom and breakout meetings. Should a child choose to work ahead, they may do so, but most importantly must complete assigned content and must not fall behind.

Q. Can my child sign up for additional electives?
A. Our grade level general course description outlines the courses your child may select. Should you choose to vary from those selections, you must work with your on-line Director and principal of record.

Q. Will my child with special needs receive services on-line?
A. Our SPED team will work with each child/family to provide the services needed per their IEP. These may be on-line or in person, based on what is best for the child/family.

Q. Does my child have to come onto campus for testing?
A. Your child will need to complete benchmark testing at the beginning, middle and end of the year on campus and must attend mandated state testing in the spring. We will work with you to ensure a safe and supportive environment for your child by appointment to achieve this.

Q. What do I need to get my child started in the on-line program?
A. You must be enrolled though our enrollment coordinator and assigned a program instructor. You can see on our website the teachers of record listed by grade and department with their schedules and meeting patterns. You must also attend our welcome meeting to get student materials and receive internet safety requirements and complete the internet safety course. You also will receive lots of information at the welcome meeting regarding passwords to content and access to class meetings.

Q. What happens if my child is not attending daily instruction or completing assignments?
A. We will keep you informed of your child’s progress. If your child is not being successful on-line, we will try to reassign them to in-person learning. Parents must understand that this is a partnership and they are a necessary part of their child’s on-line success.

Q. Will my child be taking tests and assessments to gauge their success regularly?
A. Yes, teachers will constantly monitor student work and mastery of content. Students who are not initially successful on any assessment will receive on-line intervention through break-out group sessions and/or additional content practice.

Q. How do I know my child is progressing/participating?
A. In grades K-5, the synchronous instructor will have “eyes on” your child during each session. They will “real time” answer questions and ask children to respond to prompts and practice items. There will be ability for each teacher to encourage and gauge your child’s participation and needs during these sessions. Further, each teacher will communicate with parents regarding any concerns or work that is due. In grades 6-12, students will be expected to complete an average of about one hour of course content, per course, per day. That means you should plan on completion of all assigned Edgenuity content plus synchronous, prescheduled weekly meetings, for instruction and support, with your teacher of each course.

Q. How can I see my child’s grades and receive communication from his/her teacher?
A. Google classroom will display grades, assignments turned in or missing, and a message board that can be used for contact with the teacher.

Q. What happens if I forget my password?
A. For grades 6-12, you will contact the EOI director, Alison Cox. For grade K-5 you will contact the teacher directly.

Q. How do I know the school’s adopted code of conduct?
A. Our student handbook is on our web page and contains our policies and consequences should there be an infraction.

Q. Why does EDUPRIZE have more structure (and less flexibility) to their on-line program with specific progress each day and required weekly to daily synchronous instruction?
A. Most on-line programs are not successful because there is often limited interaction between the teacher and student. We know that students engage and succeed more with specific directives, set time lines, and regular interaction. In the younger grades, the on-line program is exactly what in-person students are being taught and they can even participate with those other students. In the 6-12 space students will participate with other on-line students during class meetings for direct instruction in addition to completing Edgenuity content on their own.

Q. Will students be able to pick up materials and attend testing at their closest EDUPRIZE location (Gilbert or Queen Creek) after the initial orientation and testing?
A. Yes, initial testing, orientation and material pickup will be held at the Gilbert campus only but future testing and material pickup will be at your closest EDUPRIZE location by appointment.

Q. What electives will be offered this school year?
A. Please see the course offering document for specifics.

Q. How will my child complete orientation and testing if he/she starts after the first day of school?
A. The On-Line Program Director for your child’s grade level will contact you to schedule orientation and testing.

Q. Is in-person orientation and testing mandatory?
A. Yes, except for cases with extenuating circumstances which will be handled on a case by case basis.

The Internet has become a great resource for students and families. In many ways, it makes our lives easier, provides information at our fingertips, and has tools that help us manage our lives and learn new skills. The Internet also has pitfalls that we must be aware of including cyberbullying and identity theft.

EDUPRIZE SCHOOLS takes the security of your children on the Internet extremely seriously.

As children become more involved in technology, there are some measures that parents can take to help ensure a safe Internet experience. Keep in mind that what may seem like basic knowledge to parents is new to kids just getting started in the digital world. Having a conversation before your child embarks online helps set expectations and establish ground rules.

As soon as your kids begin to go online, it’s important to explain your expectations of their behavior. By acting responsibly and respectfully, they will enjoy their time online and get the best of the Internet while mostly avoiding things such as cyberbullying and inappropriate content.

EDUPRIZE AOI Teacher Salary Budget Summary
*Average salary of AOI teachers employed in budget year 2022           $46,314
Average salary of AOI teachers employed in prior year 2021           N/A
           *This is a first year school and has no historical information.