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Online Instruction

EDUPRIZE K-5 online students experience positive, supportive, and rigorous academic opportunities provided by a certified teacher in a dedicated virtual classroom. Each grade level has the same teacher for all academic content (in the same way they would in an on-campus environment), the students benefit from live and pre-recorded video instruction, all planned and provided by their teacher. Differentiation, a core value for EDUPRIZE, is provided via live interactive small groups and tutoring sessions.

The students have access to the same quality curricular resources as their on-campus peers, with digital texts and hard-copy consumables. They build and refine their reading and language skills through the use of the excellent standards-based Benchmark Advance reading curriculum. The lessons in Benchmark Advance are designed for differentiation, so the teacher is able to meet the needs of diverse learners within the same classroom. Lucy Calkins Units of Study is integrated throughout the language arts instruction in order to build the reading-writing connection. The teachers utilize a writer’s workshop format to allow students to brainstorm, write, edit, and share their work.

Our Eureka mathematics curriculum provides a hands-on approach that contributes to a deep understanding of mathematical concepts. The teacher presents lessons via direct instruction during virtual live lessons to the whole class and to small groups. Children are taught a variety of pictorial strategies to aid in problem solving. This is enhanced through math talks, journals, and real-world examples to maximize engagement and demonstrate the relevance of what they are learning.

EDUPRIZE provides science and social studies instruction via the presentation of thematic quarterly units called Cottages. Our online students enjoy the same Cottages as their on-campus peers. They engage in interactive lessons and conduct experiments to test hypotheses. At the end of every quarter, the students show off what they have learned in a virtual “Cottage Fair”. This is a highlight of every quarter and is always much anticipated by students and families alike.

 EDUPRIZE online students in grades 6-12 receive their academic instruction through the award-winning Edgenuity program, one of the leading online learning platforms in the country. Edgenuity provides a full range of middle and high school curricula, including a broad selection of elective courses. Core academic classes are aligned to state standards and provide all the credit opportunities required for graduation. The diversity of standards-aligned elective course offerings expands the classes available to our students, allowing them to build a learning program that aligns with their interests and post-secondary plans. The ability to customize the learning plan for each student dovetails perfectly with EDUPRIZE’s long-standing commitment to serve and challenge every student to excellence.