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17-18 8-12th Grade Teacher Bios

Meet our 8th-12th Grade Teachers

Teacher Biography for Cavenee, Mary – (Strings and Intermediate Strings)

Hello! This is my second year teaching at Eduprize, but my 30th year of teaching music to children and youth. I have been happily married to David for 28 years and have 5 beautiful children, 3 dogs and 2 birds. I have taught voice, violin, piano, acting, and dance and have directed numerous performance groups and children’s plays such as Cinderella, Fiddler on the Roof Jr., Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, etc.. I have a Bachelors of Arts degree from CSUS in Vocal Performance and I studied violin at a collegiate level and have been performing professionally on the violin since I was 14. I won vocal scholarships in college and violin competitions in high school. I participated in Regional and All-State festivals in both voice and violin and was first soprano in the Region and 4th in the state my senior year. I love music theater and pageants and have participated in ensemble and lead roles in many plays such as Oklahoma (Laurie), Brigadoon (Fiona), Mesa Easter Pageant (narrator/ Mother of Nain), Nauvoo Pageant (ensemble), Fiddler on the Roof (ensemble). I LOVE working with children and youth: seeing their joy and growth and their unique personalities shine in performance of playing and singing is the best teacher payback. I strive to build each child’s sense of self worth by helping them learn and discover the joy of music and human expression, and then to go out and share that passion to lift their families and communities and through this the world! My mom always taught “Music in the most noble sense, is the servant, never the master”. I teach students to give back by performing in various venues. Come make music with us!!!

7th Grade Strings Supply List:
Materials required: instrument, resin, shoulder rest/cello stop, a 3 ring white 2 inch binder with 20 plastic sheet protector pages inside (Walmart) with a picture of your student in the front and Essential Elements for Strings 2000 Book 2 (Milano’s Music).

Intermediate/ High School Strings  Supply  List:
Materials needed:  instrument, resin, shoulder rest/cello stop, a 3 ring white 2 inch binder with 20 plastic sheet protector pages in it (Walmart) with a picture of your student in the front.

Teacher Biography for Chan, Robert – (Algebra 1, Algebra 2 and Algebra 2 Honors)

My name is Robert Chan. I received my B.S. in Engineering from Purdue University and my M. Ed in Curriculum & Instruction from the University of Missouri. This will be my third year teaching, and I have previously taught algebra II, IB Math Studies SL, and Math II (integrated).

I chose to teach math because it is a challenging subject, but one I have a passion for. I am looking forward to a year of learning and personal growth for all my students.

In my spare time, I enjoy both watching and playing the game of tennis. I also enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and visiting national parks.

Supply List:

  • – 1 spiral notebook for homework and warmup assignments
  • – 1 composition notebook for class notes and activities
  • – Folder with pockets or 3 ring binder to store class papers in
  • – Mechanical pencils
  • – Every student must supply at least 2 reams of paper for classroom copies. Please label with name, course name, and “Mr. Chan”.
  • – Graph Paper
  • – Calculator: TI-83 or a TI-84+ graphing calculator. Check and Craigslist for great deals!!! If there is a true financial need, please contact Mr. Greenhalgh for assistance.

Teacher Biography for Crane, Bryan – (8th Grade Science)

I received my degree in Kinesiology from Whitworth College in Washington State.  During my time at Whitworth I was a member of the varsity swim team and scored in the championship finals of the NW Conference Championships.  

This will be my first year teaching but not my first year working with students.  I have been a coach since the age of 19 and have been working with youth ever since.  After starting my coaching career in the Pacific Northwest I was recruited to Arizona in 2003 and have been happy to put my roots down here.  It is an honor to be able to bring my years of expertise and passion for kinesiology to the classroom at EDUPRIZE.

In my free time I swim, of course, and love to run and do crossfit as well.  I have two daughters that captured my heart and I love to spend time with them when I am not coaching!

Supply List:
-Quad ruled composition book (must be quad ruled (Graph paper) with pages sewn in place!)
-Pencil (calculations and graphing)
-Pen (notes)
-Decorative duct tape for reinforcing notebook (2-3 students can share one roll)
-Printer paper
– 2 reams per student
-Kleenex- 1 box
-Paper towels- 2 rolls

Teacher Biography for Forbes, Anthony – (Physical Education)

I received my Bachelors of Art from Southern Illinois University and my Masters in Education. The teaching profession has always been an important part of my life. My father was a Physical Education teacher for 30 years and his passion for education instilled a foundation for teaching and helping children stay healthy. I’ve served 10 years in the U.S. Army which has provided me with a diverse experience of teaching, learning and working as a team. In addition to teaching physical education, I have taught kindergarten and 1st grade. I have also coached football and track at EDUPRIZE. In my free time, I love to read, play racquetball and spend time with my kids.

Teacher Biography for Gibson, Chase – (10th Grade GIS – Geographical Information Systems)


I am born and raised in Mesa, AZ. I went to Mesa High School, Mesa Community College and Arizona State University where I got a Bachelor of Science in Geography. I have had several jobs using maps. Most recently, before I came back to Eduprize, I worked in the mapping department at Southwest Gas power company. There they use the same GIS technologies that this school introduces to High School. In years past, I also worked with GIS with the City of Mesa while a college student, helping their maps stay up to date. I hope to eventually find my fit and place as a more permanent teacher. My hobbies are playing games, biking and chilling with the fam. I look forward to another influential year at EDUPRIZE.

-Mr. Gibson

Teacher Biography for Ginn, Lisa (Chemistry 10th Grade and Chemistry Honors 10th Grade)

I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in Education in Chemistry with a minor in Physics from Arizona State University. The teaching profession has always been an important part of my life. Both of my parents were educators, and their passion for learning instilled a love for teaching and science in me from an early age.

In my 13 years as an educator, I have taught Chemistry, Physics, Chem/Physics Foundations, 8th Grade Science and AVID.  In addition to teaching, I have served as school accreditation AdvancED Leader, Library and Media Center Department Chair, as well as leading grade-level curriculum teams.  

In my free time, I love to read, exercise, spend time with my family and cheer for my beloved Sun Devils.  You will periodically find me telling a bad pun, even though all of the good ones Argon!

Supply List (Regular and Honors):
-Quad ruled composition book (must be quad ruled (Graph paper) with pages sewn in place!)
-Pencil (calculations and graphing)
-Pen (notes)
-Decorative duct tape for reinforcing notebook (2-3 students can share one roll)
-Printer paper
– 2 reams per student
-Kleenex- 1 box
-Paper towels- 2 rolls

Teacher Biography for Greenhalgh, Scott- (IB Theory of Knowledge)

Prior to coming to EDUPRIZE I spent 30 years teaching science, mostly Biology, to students of all kinds.  Both my undergraduate (BYU) and Masters degree (ASU) are in the life sciences realm.  I have experience coordinating the gifted education program, year-round intersessions and International Baccalaureate.  

My experience with IB made EDUPRIZE a great fit for me, along with the thematic and interdisciplinary curriculum, and I loved teaching the Conceptual Physics and Chemistry courses for my first three years here.  I was humbled to step into administration last year as we graduated EDUPRIZE’s First Class, and look forward to an even better year in 2017/18.

Teacher Biography for Horrell, Patricia – (8th Grade  English,8th Grade Honors English, Junior IB English and 11th Grade English)

I am Patricia Horrell, English Teacher, M.Ed.   I live in San Tan Valley with my husband and two dogs.  I’ve been teaching for over 20 years, and before I launched my teaching career, I worked as a technical writer (well-paying but rather dull employment), freelance journalist (that was fun), and an on-site software instructor (didn’t like the traveling, but the teaching part was great).  When my husband and I moved from Pennsylvania to Arizona in ’08, I began my employment with the Florence Unified School District (where I taught for seven years)—I taught IB English 11, AP Language & Composition, English 11, English 9, and English as Second Language.  

This is my third year at Eduprize–I will be teaching IB/Honors English 11, English 11, Honors English 8, and Creative Writing.  I will also be serving as English Department Chairperson and IB Extended Essay Coordinator.

During those few hours a day when I am not at school, I usually like to do things associated with what I teach—write poetry and fiction, read mysteries and science fiction, and watch movies. When time permits, I also enjoy bargain hunting, walking my dogs, attending festivals with my husband, and (occasionally) gardening (though the plants often do not cooperate with me).

Supply List:
Each student in all my classes needs to purchase two Mead Five Star spiral-bound, college-ruled notebooks—100-page count.  One notebook is for Semester 1 and the other is for Semester 2.   It’s very important that my students have the college-ruled edition as it is the only one large enough for inserting full-size sheets of paper.  This notebook is important because it will serve as the student’s IAN (Interactive Notebook), and the student will use it frequently to do bell work, take notes, draw creative responses to literature, and write essay drafts.  Students will also need pens and pencils, a ruler, highlighters, colored pencils, lined paper, and either glue sticks or tape to use as they do assignments in their IAN.

Wish List:
Paper Towels
Boxes of Tissue
Colored Paper
Elmer’s White Glue
Glue Sticks

Teacher Biography for Ivey, Tracy – (8th Grade English, Yearbook & Journalism, 9th Grade English and 9th Grade Honors English)

Hello- My name is Tracy Ivey and I am excited to be joining the EDUPRIZE team! I attended Arizona State University, where I earned my bachelor’s degree in Secondary English Education. This year I will be teaching 8th grade English, 9th grade English, Honors 9th grade English, and Yearbook/Journalism.

I grew up in a small town in Virginia before moving to Arizona. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend Ryan and two cats- Fallon and Cinnamon. I also greatly enjoy activities such as: hiking, rock climbing, traveling, going to the movies, and trying out new recipes.

I look forward to meeting you and to a great school year!
Ms. Ivey

Supply List :
1 College Ruled Composition Notebook
1 College Ruled Spiral Notebook
2 inch binder
Packet of dividers (for your binder)
1 Folder with pockets
Loose Leaf Paper

Wish List:
Dry Erase Markers
Sticky Notes
Index Cards
Spiral & Composition Notebooks
Hand Sanitizer
Paper ( colored copy paper, loose leaf)
Glue Sticks
Rolls of Tape
Markers & Colored Pencils

Teacher Biography for Johnson, Theresa – (Biology 11th Grade and IB Biology 11th Grade)

I have a BS in Biology from Humboldt State University in Arcata California.  I received my teaching credential from Cal State Los Angeles in 2005 and I have worked as a biology laboratory technician for over 4 years.  I have been teaching here at in the Valley for 10 years. I have taught a host of science topics and AVID in those 10 years. I am also currently in the process of becoming Nationally Board Certified in Biology. I think Biology is the most fun and exciting academic subject students will encounter. In my classes we build a learning community of scholarship and cooperation that help all learners realize their full potential. I am so honored to be part of the EDUPRIZE family and look forward to meeting you all.

Required Supply List:
2 graphing composition notebooks
1 pack of dry erase markers
1 calculator TI-83 or above
2 blue pens
2 black pens
2 red pens
1 roll of tape or a glue stick
1 roll paper towels

Wish list:
Copy Paper (white)
Color copy paper (yellow, blue, green, pink etc.)
Dry erase markers
Food coloring
Paper towels
Clorox wipes
Packs of pens (blue, black, red)
Small rulers
Card stock paper- white and/or color
Sheet protectors (81/2 X 11)
Packs of colored pencils
Packs of glue sticks
Packs of tape
Post-it notes of all sizes
Color craft paper
Distilled water
Sharpies (ultra fine)
Small white boards
Large post-it poster paper
Poster board (white and/or color)

Teacher Biography for Kellis, Brent –  (JH Robotics 7th & 8th Grade, Engineering Design Science 9th-12th Grade,  Engineering Design Principles 9th – 12th Grade and Robotics Team – Club)

I returned to education 13 years ago after practicing engineering for 25 years in the petrochemical, biomedical, and environmental areas. As a registered professional chemical engineer, I am excited to help students learn and apply principles of science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) that will benefit them throughout their lives, regardless of their career choices.

All engineering students will be provided with an engineering notebook as part of the course fee. In addition, each student should have a supply of quad-ruled graph paper, a binder or folder in which to keep portfolio-quality work, a simple multi-function calculator, a 6-inch cm/inch ruler, a good eraser, pencils, and a black or blue (not red) pen.

Teacher Biography for Kryder, Ken – (Geometry, Geometry Honors and Consumer Math)

I received my Bachelor of Arts in Applied Mathematics from the University of California at Berkeley, and my Master of Science in Engineering from Arizona State University.

I spent 33 years in the Engineering industry, 5 at Bechtel Group in San Francisco and 28 at Intel in Chandler managing global projects and deploying automation systems to facilities worldwide.

I have taught students at summer camps, guided many high school and college students who wanted to become engineers, and mentored new engineers during my career. I enjoy learning and always said I would return to education to inspire others at some point, and this year I am excited to be able to teach Mathematics at EDUPRIZE.

In addition, I enjoy skiing with my family, and running in the morning (even in the summer):)

Supply List: Please bring a ream of paper.

Teacher Biography for Landrum, Kelsey – (World Cultures, Resource Civics 9th-12th Grade,  IB History 11th Grade,  US Government/Economics 10th Grade and  US Government/Economics Honors 10th Grade )

I am eager to start another year at EHS! My name is Kelsey Landrum and I was born and raised in Arizona. I attended Northern Arizona University where I majored in Secondary History Education and Spanish. This is my second year at Eduprize, and I am proud to be teaching high school Government, Economics, IB History, and middle school World Languages and Cultures!

During the small amount of time that I spend outside of the classroom I enjoy reading, spending time outdoors, listening to music, and working with plants. I also adore animals, especially my classroom pet, a guinea pig named Flash!

Supply List:
-College Ruled Spiral Notebook
-College Ruled Composition Book
-Binder or folder (specifically for this class)
-Highlighters (multiple colors)
-3×5 index cards (with or without lines)

Classroom Wish List:
-Index Cards
-Dry Erase Markers/Eraser/Whiteboard Spray
-Printer Paper (White and Color)
-Clorox Wipes
-Paper Clips
-Hand Sanitizer

Teacher Biography for Levkoff, Stephany – (8th Grade  English,12th Grade IB English, Resource English and 12th Grade English)

I’m excited to be joining EDUPRIZE High School for my second year as an English and Language Arts teacher.  I have worn many hats in my life (including a three-year stint as a public defender in Brooklyn), my passion for language, literature and teaching have remained constant.  With a Master’s in Education, I have been teaching ELA at the secondary level for the last seven years and have previously taught English as an adjunct professor in New York City. In addition, I have a background in special education, autism, and public speaking. I have a B.A. in English, and a J.D. in Law. Currently, I live in Tempe with my husband and daughter (the latter who has somehow turned 21 when I wasn’t looking) and two cats.  Oddly enough, my favorite hobbies are reading and talking about books. I am pleased to be teaching English/Language Arts (ELA) for 8th and 12th grades, and the Senior IB Lang. and Literature course.

Supply List:
Each student in all my classes needs to purchase two Mead Five Star spiral-bound, college-ruled notebooks—100-page count. One notebook is for Semester 1 and the other is for Semester 2. It’s very important that my students have the college-ruled edition as it is the only one large enough for inserting full-size sheets of paper. This notebook is important because it will serve as the student’s IAN (Interactive Notebook), and the student will use it frequently to do bell work, take notes, draw creative responses to literature, and write essay drafts. Students will also need pens and pencils, a ruler, highlighters, colored pencils, lined paper, and either glue sticks or tape to use as they do assignments in their IAN.

Wish List:
Paper Towels
Boxes of Tissue
Colored Paper
Elmer’s White Glue
Glue Sticks

Teacher Biography for Lewis, Kelli – (8th Grade English, 10th Grade English and 10th Grade Honors English)

I received my Bachelor’s of Arts in English Literature in Letters with a minor in Teaching English to Students of Other Languages (TESOL) from Michigan State University. I received my Master’s of Arts in Teaching and Curriculum from Michigan State University as well as a study abroad program at the University of Cape Town. The teaching profession has always been a passion of mine as I believe that all children are inherently curious and have the ability to succeed.

In my six years as an educator, I have taught the Science and Art of Game Design, Lego Robotics, Digital Media, Scratch programming, English Literature, English as a Second Language, and Mathematics. I have published curricula in the areas of Science and Art of Game Design, Lego Robotics and Scratch Programming from my time as an Instructor for the non-profit organization, the Information and Technology Empowerment center in Lansing, Michigan. I have taught English Literature, ESL, and Mathematics in Cape Town, South Africa; Detroit, MI; Longtan, Taiwan; and Surprise, Arizona. In addition to teaching I have served as Team Lead for middle school teachers and as a Peer Mentor for the Dysart Unified School District.

In my free time, I love to read, hike, try new things, challenge myself, cook, and spend time with my family. My favorite books at this time, are If On a Winter’s Night a Traveler by Italo Calvino, Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, and Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.


Supply List:

One pair of earbuds or headphones
Two college-ruled composition books
College-ruled filler paper
Multiple pencils
One chunky eraser
One set of 12 or more colored pencils
One handheld pencil sharpener
One set of four or more highlighters
One pair of scissors
Colored correcting pens

Teacher Biography for McMillan, Rubin – (Social Studies 8th Grade and Social Studies Honors  8th Grade)

I have always loved History and learned as much as I could while growing up in my small town here in Arizona. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Education in History from Arizona State University. I have been substitute teaching in the east valley for the past year.

I worked in the Semiconductor Industry for 25 years. One of my Favorite job titles was that of peer trainer. I enjoyed this position because I interacted with people with a wide range of experiences and cultures.

In my free time, I like to garden, woodwork and ride my mountain bike.

Supply List:
-White printer paper
-Color pencils
-Composition Notebooks
-college ruled spiral notebooks
-Black/Blue pens
-3×5 index cards
-college ruled loose leaf paper
-glue sticks
-tissue boxes
-dry erase markers/whiteboard spray
-Clorox wipes
-hand sanitizer
-paper towels
-anti-bacterial soap
-binder clips (small/med)
-paper clips (med/large)

Teacher Biography for Mehrer, Emery – (Algebra 1 Honors 8th-12th Grades and  IB Math Studies 1th-12th Grade

I was born and raised on a farm/ranch in southwestern North Dakota. My educational background is a BS in Computer Science, MA in Anthropology, and a MA in Mathematics. This year is my 4th at Eduprize High School and my 36th in the field of education. I have taught high school, college, been the state director of K-12 technology, and the director of technology for a state distance education program. Outside of the classroom I enjoy backpacking, bicycle racing, hunting, and live theatre.

Algebra I
In Algebra I, students continue to develop algebraic thinking and proportional reasoning skills necessary to solve problems. Students use algebra as a tool for solving a variety of practical problems. This course is designed to continue the skills and understanding of algebraic concepts including operations with real numbers, polynomials, functions, factoring as well as statistics. Students will solve first-degree equations and inequalities, quadratic equations, and systems of equations. Concepts are tools for representing and solving variety of practical problems. Tables and graphs will be used to interpret algebraic expressions, equations, and inequalities and to analyze behaviors of functions. I would suggest that students acquire a Texas Instruments TI-84+ calculator.

IB Math SL
Mathematics SL is an upper level course ideal for students who wish to explore mathematics at an advanced level.  The course is focused on the development of students’ understanding of advanced mathematics, providing experience with its methods and applications, and supplying a rigorous foundation for future advanced mathematics courses. The course emphasizes a multi-representational approach to mathematics with concepts, problems, results and solutions being expressed graphically, numerically, analytically, and verbally. The connections among these representations are explored and reinforced. Written communications in a rigorous, precise, and concise manner of concepts, problem solutions, and investigative results are also emphasized. Technology is used extensively, and on a daily basis, to reinforce the relationships among multiple representations, confirm written work, implement experimentation, and assist in interpreting results. The course as taught provides a vehicle for students to employ and further develop their powers of abstraction and generalization along with their logical, critical and creative thinking skills. Students should develop an appreciation for persistence and patience as critical problems solving skills as well as an appreciation for the historical evolution of skills brought on by technological development. A further aim of the course is that students develop the ability to apply learned skills to alternative situations and future developments. Assessments include two tests at the end of the course year and a mathematical research exploration.A Texas Instruments TI-84+. or CE is required.

Teacher Biography for Pearson, Britta – (JH 7/8 Guitar, JH 7/8 Band, Guitar and Band)

Hello! I am so excited to be teaching at EDUPRIZE this year. I recently graduated from Brigham Young University-Idaho in music education. I finished my student teaching in Las Vegas in May and loved my experience. My instrument is flute and I have loved learning to play each instrument. Music is so important in our lives and I can’t wait to be able to share my love of music with my students.

Supply List:
1 ream of paper
1 box of tissue

Teacher Biography for Reilley, Kassie – (Algebra 1)

Kassie Reilley earned a Bachelor of Arts in Secondary Education from Ottawa University. She has enjoyed teaching high school math for the last eight years, including Algebra 1 and 2 and all levels of Geometry. Kassie has taught full-time and part-time and is excited to be a new member of the EDUPRIZE team as a part-time math teacher. This will be her first time teaching a block schedule and she cannot wait to see how having more time will positively impact learning in a math classroom.

Kassie was born and raised in Mesa, Arizona and currently resides just miles from her childhood home. She and her husband, Ben, have three awesome children; the oldest will be in first grade at EDUPRIZE this year. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, sewing and, of course, spending time with family.

Supplies for Algebra 1

Spiral notebook

Space in a 3 ring binder

Calculator: TI-84 family graphing calculator. This calculator is accepted to be used for Algebra 2, 3 and IB level courses. It will last through your high school career and possibly college too, if you take care of it! I bought a “TI84 Plus” during my high school years and it is still my go-to calculator.

Please supply at least 2 reams of paper for classroom copies. Please label with name, class period, and “Mrs.Reilley.” We will use a lot of paper for this class.

Teacher Biography for Richert, Simone – (German 1, German 2 and IB German)

💗 Hallo und Guten Tag,

ich komme aus Deutschland.

I was born and raised in Germany and came here as a Junior in High School. I graduated from Arizona State University. I have been in the educational field for over 10 years and this is my fourth year teaching here at EDUPRIZE. 💗

💕 My husband and I are both German and speak German at home to our children. As a family we love to go on hikes, travel and go swimming. 💕

💛 This year I will be teaching German 1, 2 and IB German. I am sponsoring the World Cultures Club. We will be covering exciting material and have an interactive classroom with hands on experiences. I am very excited to Welcome all of the students back and I am looking forward to a great year ahead of us. Please see me about exciting volunteer opportunities to foster your language learning and involvement in the German community, while earning Service hours. 💛  

❣ All the best ❣

😍 Ich freue mich sehr auf das neue Schuljahr 😍

♡ Liebe Grüße ♡
Frau Richert

Supply List:
Notebook (please get a bound composition book) & Folder (specifically for German)
~ Pen
~ Pencil
~ Paper (lined and blank for the folder)

💙 Wish list: 💙
~ all different colors of Expo markers
~ German chocolate (available at Fry’s, Cost Plus (World Market) and Trader Joes, etc.)
~ construction paper (all possible colors for projects)
~ watercolors
~ markers (a variety of colors)
~ stickers for encouragement “auf Deutsch” in German ( available on Amazon
Lehrer sticker)
~ paint brushes
~ nice letter paper
~ letter stamp set

Teacher Biography for Salberg, Sonia – (JH Theater, Theater and Spanish 1)

Hola, my name is Sonia Salberg.  My family and I just recently moved to the Phoenix area from Lima, Peru where I was teaching at an IB American school.  This has been an exciting year for our family.  We welcomed our son, Finley, into the world who will be turning one on the fourth of July.   I have taught for ten years, and I’m looking forward to joining the team at EDUPRIZE.   I’ll be teaching Spanish and Drama.   When I’m not in the classroom, I enjoy doing pretty much anything outdoors.  I’m also an avid reader and runner. I look forward to working with you and your child!

Teacher Biography for Savani, Niamah – (JH Art, IB Visual Art,  Service Learning Comp, Art 2 3D and Art 1 2D)

Welcome to another great school year at Eduprize!  This is my 4th year teaching at Eduprize, and my 14th year in the education profession.   My name is Niamh Savani and I teach 7-12 grade Visual Arts and Service Learning at Eduprize High School.  I was born and raised in Ireland and have lived in the United States for over 20 years.  I have dual citizenship as both an Irish and American citizen.  My husband and I have lived in Gilbert for the past 15 years and we love it!   In my free time I like to paint, read, travel, practice yoga, hike, and spend quality time with family and friends.

I received my BFA in painting (summa cum laude) from ASU, and my MAEd. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Phoenix.  I am also a National Board Certified Teacher in Art (Early Adolescence through Young Adulthood).


All visual arts students must have the following supplies:  a sketchbook (minimum size 8.5 ” x 11″) with a sturdy cover; a regular composition book; a pencil and quality eraser; fine tip and regular size black sharpies.  

All visual arts students must have the following supplies:  a sketchbook (minimum size 8.5 ” x 11″) with a sturdy cover; a regular composition book; a pencil and quality eraser; fine tip and regular size black sharpies.  

All Service Learning students must have the following supplies:  a regular composition book, a pencil and eraser; pens.

Teacher Biography for Sly, Kara – (JH Art and Art 1 2D)

Welcome back to a new school year at EDUPRIZE! My children have been a part of the EDUPRIZE family for the last ten years, and I’m excited to be joining EDUPRIZE as an art teacher. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Arizona State University, with an emphasis in painting. I have a great passion for drawing, painting, and creating all types of art, and even more of a passion for teaching students to love and participate in the arts. My role as a teacher is to guide learning, creativity and self discovery. I want each child to know they are an artist, and that they can use art as a way to express themselves, see things with a different perspective, practice problem solving skills, nourish their creative energy, and build confidence in their artistic abilities.


In my free time, I love to paint (I especially love painting people), read, listen to music, and go on adventures with my five awesome kids. I also enjoy participating in art in the community, and my 16 year old daughter and I recently won Best In Show at the Tempe Festival of the Arts Chalk-A-Lot competition. I enjoy being able to share art with others to make the world a little more beautiful. I’m looking forward to sharing that passion for art with students this upcoming school year!

Ms. Sly Required Supplies
Sketchbook 8.5 x 11
Composition book
2 Pencils


Wish list for the classroom:
Baby wipes
Antibacterial Wipes
Paper Towels
Ziploc baggies

Teacher Biography for Smith, Amy – (World History & Geography 9th Grade , World History& Geography  Honors 9th Grade, Resource American History 11th-12th Grade, IB History (World Topics) 12th Grade and Student Council 8th-12th Grades)

I am excited to start a new school at EDUPRIZE with you!  This is my 14th year teaching and my 2nd year at EDUPRIZE.  I moved about a year ago from Illinois where I taught 6th through 12th grade (at various times and schools).  I absolutely love the students I have taught here and am very passionate about building relationships within a classroom environment.  My husband and I have three kids, Dylan who is 9 and Charlotte and Josie who are 7.  I love to read, exercise and spend time with my family and friends.  

Look forward to seeing you soon!!
~Mrs. Smith

Supply List:

  •         A composition notebook (100 pages)
  •         Highlighters
  •         Glue (any kind is fine, we do a lot of projects)
  •         Scotch tape
  •         Pencils
  •         Pens
  •         Markers
  •         Colored pencils

·         The book called The complete middle school study guide—Everything You Need to Ace World History in One Big Fat Notebook. This can be bought on Amazon and the price is around $10.  This is new for me this year, but I piloted it with my 9th grade honors and general education students and they convinced me that it WAS an amazing book with valuable resources.

Teacher Biography for Stanton, Taylor – (Theater and Choir)

As a Performing Arts Teacher, my goal is excite and captivate my students, and help them find avenues of expression that will benefit them as an individual. I am elated to empower my students in the Arts, and to share my passion with them. I am thrilled to be teaching Junior High Theater, Junior High Choir, and High School Choir, where we will explore and refine the artist within.

I’m originally from St. Louis, Missouri, which is where I obtained my undergraduate degree. I received a Bachelor’s of Music Education from Southeast Missouri State University, in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Currently I am completing a Master’s of Education – Educational Leadership from Arizona State University. Over my 4 years of teaching I have taught Elementary, Middle, & High School students, and provide clinics to schools around the country.

I spend my free time with my fiance, friends, and my animals: Newt (Corgi), Ripley (Chihuahua), and Bowzer (Cat).

Musically Yours,

Taylor C. Stanton, BME

Teacher Biography for Taysom, Doug – (Physics – Conceptual 9th Grade and Physics – Conceptual Honors 9th Grade)

I started teaching at Tempe High School in 1985 after graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Science at Southern Utah State College (now Southern Utah University). I earned a Master’s in Education at Arizona State University. I also am certified in Career Technology Education.  Both my parents were educators in the Tempe Elementary District.

I have taught Chemistry, Physics , Honors Physics, Physical World, Chemistry/Physics, Honors Chemistry/Physics, Multi-Media Design, Information Technology, A+ Computer Repair, and Cisco Networking. I also taught  A+ Computer Repair, BPC 170, for 20 semesters at Chandler-Gilbert Community College.

For the last 14 summers I have worked at Camp Geronimo for the BSA. I really enjoy working there.

I am excited to join the staff at EDUPRIZE.

Items NEEDED for better classroom instruction:
Quad ruled composition book (must be quad ruled (Graph paper) with pages sewn in place!)
-Pencil (calculations and graphing)
-Pen (notes)
-Decorative duct tape for reinforcing notebook (2-3 students can share one roll)
-Printer paper
-2 reams per student
-Kleenex- 1 box
-Paper towels- 2 rolls
-Scotch Tape -2 rolls

Teacher Biography for Trejo, Kelton – (Physical Education)

My name is Kelton Trejo. I have been in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years. I hold a Bachelors of Science in Psychology and am currently working on my Masters in Management and Leadership. I hold my Personal Trainer Certification from the National Academy of Sports Medicine as well as specializations in Corrective Exercise, Performance Enhancement, Youth Exercise, and Senior Exercise. I have worked as a Personal Trainer, Gym Manager, Group Fitness Instructor and Fitness Specialist and Teacher in multiple schools and after school programs. I have developed and run PE and sports programs and look forward to working with the students here at EDUPRIZE. It will be my second year with EDUPRIZE and we will be focusing on sports related classes with an emphasis on skill acquisition and the development of healthy living habits. We hope the kids will be able to be healthy, have fun, and gain great values of respect and responsibility. Outside of the classroom I love spending time with my beautiful wife and 2 daughters, eating and enjoying movies.

Teacher Biography for Trezise, Kimberly – (Spanish 1, Spanish 2 and IB Spanish )


Me llamo Se~ora Trezise y soy la profa de espa~ol. I teach Spanish I, II ,III, Dual Enrollment with Rio Salado and IB Spanish years I & II.
Although this is going to be the start of my 32nd year as a teacher of Spanish, estoy tan emocionada, I am so excited to continue my 4th year here at Eduprize High School and to be teaching and learning from you!
Some of you have been on your language journey for a few years and some of you will be just starting…whatever your situation we must always have a “SI SE PUEDE” mindset!
I look forward to OUR SUCCESSES! i Hasta pronto !

Required Supply List:

1 Libretta (small notebook approx 4″x5.5″ 200pgs)
1″ Binder
Colored Pencils
“Si Se Pueda” Attitude!